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 News for this and next week !

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PostSubject: News for this and next week !   Fri Dec 04, 2009 5:14 am

TheHistorian wrote:
Greetings Warriors,

Master & Disciple is in the final testing stage and should be ready this coming week! We expect you to treat your disciples correctly… which means a Shaolin Master will have his students helping others, whilst a Demon Master shall be conducting harsh training! December shall bring many exciting events… and Lord Mara is certainly up to no good… the tea leaves spell disaster and The Hermit appears to be the next target! Be afraid, be very afraid… and here are your Promotions and Events for 12/04 – 12/09

Item Mall Promotions:
12/04 – 12/09 Final Days of Speed Tonic & Dodge Tonic
(5 days left before we remove these powerful Items from The Mall)

Miracle Speed Tonic: Speed + 50%, Duration 60mins
Miracle Dodge Tonic: Dodge + 20%, Duration 60mins

And 5 Days to take 50% Off Experience Cards!

12/06 – Sunday is Free Premium Pill Day!
Log in while it’s Sunday anywhere on Earth and go to the Item Mall and get a Free 1-Day Premium Pill for zero Acclaim Coins!

Contest: New Item Mall User Drawing!
12/04 – 12/09 Nine (9) lucky Players who purchase and spend Acclaim Coins for the very first time could each win the following prizes:

9 Experience Bonus Cards, 9 Drop Cards, 9 Dragon Scales, 9 Dried Ginseng, 9 Blood Essences, 9 Speed Tonics, 9 Dodge Tonics, 1 9D Premium Package (30 days).

* To be eligible, players must have purchased and spent Acclaim coins for the very first time (on at least one Item) during the term of 12/04 – 12/09. Good luck to all new Item Mall Users and Acclaim thanks you for your support. Using Acclaim Coins helps keep Acclaim Games free for those who cannot purchase coins.

Contest: (Pre-announcement) THE DARK HERMIT COMETH!
Warriors, something dreadful is about to occur in The Land, along with a contest to rival the 9D Immortality Challenge. It is so awful that it is necessary to warn you ahead of time.

It appears that Lord Mara has successfully created a doppelganger of The Hermit, known as Dark Hermit, who will likely become the ultimate killing Mob of The Land. Wielding a Sabre, he has all the power of The Hermit but will be bent on destruction.

Watch the boards for the rules of the next major contest, beginning shortly, which will allow three players with a taste for evil to control The Dark Hermit for a limited time. Players will register on the boards, level brand new characters, and compete to take control of The Dark Hermit… pitting him against The Hermit himself in the ultimate fight of Good vs. Evil. We fear The Dark Hermit will have his own VGM minion, the power to slay anyone in his path, and even the ability to spawn True General Wei himself to do his bidding! And will the 9D Immortals be for him or against him? Woe is The Land, and great is our fear. Be afraid… be very afraid!

Ongoing Events:

Black & White War
Bloody Plain was the location of the Final Duel of Nine Dragons and is considered sacred ground; however, the entire area remains seething with hostile energy. Great battles between Black and White Clan forces are often waged in Bloody Plain, and these battles are called Black and White Wars. Due to the destructive nature and history of this area, Bloody Plain is a PK Zone on every server and Black and White Wars will always be carried out there. While there is no level restriction to engage in combat in Bloody Plain or assist your fellow disciples, it is recommended that you have a fair amount of Kung Fu skill before taking part in the carnage. Although the rewards for winning a Black and White War are great, the corpses of too many novice disciples continue to litter these desolate grounds.
(Bardo) 6 PM GMT
(Nirvana/Asura) 6 PM PDT

Lucky Cricket Event
Every Wednesday the Lucky Cricket visits The Land and sometimes he raises the XP Rate on all Servers and Maps, and sometimes he changes the Drop Rates or adds Server-wide Buffs to all Players. Just keep in mind that sometimes it may be an exceptional event... maybe 3X EXP for an hour, or two, or a Conqueror’s Buff, or more… but you just won't know unless you show up. Who knows what the Cricket will bring?
(Bardo) 4 PM GMT
(Nirvana/Asura) 4 PM PDT

And the collection event will start again monday 12/07/2009 be ready guys !


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PostSubject: Re: News for this and next week !   Sat Dec 05, 2009 2:09 am

cant wait for the master-student =O
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PostSubject: Re: News for this and next week !   Sat Dec 05, 2009 4:25 am

whats this master-disciple thing all about?
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PostSubject: Re: News for this and next week !   Sat Dec 05, 2009 5:03 am

here take a look a bit ^^

What is Master-Student system?

- players becoming teacher-student to help each other.
- at the time of induction, master must be at least 13 lvls higher than students
- once the student reaches SM1, the student will not benefit from master, and are now eligible for quest to be a master himself.

How to be a Master:
- at SM1, you will hear from an npc in hefei about how to be a master, and will get a quest from another npc in hefei.
- once you become a master, you get a special icon next to your name.
- if you are a student, you must leave your current master to get the quest to become a master yourself.

Special titles:
- master may decide his own master title and it will be displayed above your name.
- note: when your title is displayed your epithet will not show, but if you have an epithet enabled, the buff will still be applied while not shown.

How to take in a student / find a master:
- if you visit any town's master-student npc, you can find a master using the board.
- board will only show players that are online, of the same side (white/black), masters who still have room to take more students. The masters will be listed on their master lvls and contribution points.
- once you apply to be a student of a player(master), both players can see each other's infomation (name, lvl, clan).

How to leave your master / kick off your student:

- under the master-student window, you may choose "leave"(if student) or "remove"(if master) button to dismiss from the relationship.
- student who have become SM1 will still need to remove himself from student statues (it is not automatic).
- student who leave after they have become SM1 will not take away master's contribution points.
- note: "leave/remove" only become available after at least 72 hours have passed since joining the master/student.
- note: student who have become SM1 will no longer gain any benefit from his master.

Contribution points:

- when a student kills deviant forces or complete a quest rewarding points, both the student and master will gain some contribution points.
- if master is not online, only the student will gain points.
- master can use master-student manager npc to buy master-student items using contribution points.
- student contrib. pts. will only be used for deciding ranks between students, they cannot buy anything with it.
- maximum contrib. pts. depend on the rank of the master.
- if contribution point are not increasing, you must do a rank-up quest to gain further points.
- note: master cannot gain contrib. pts. on his own.
- note: when a student leaves a master, the student's contrib. pts. become 0, and the master loses 50% of the contrib. pts from that student.
- note: if the student left the master after becoming SM1, there is no loss of points.

Master ranks, and student ranks:
master rank:
- depending on master's contrib. pts. he can rank up
- there are 5 ranks, and depending on ranks the number of students a master can take and items master may buy with points increases. (Rank5: 1 student, Rank 4: 2 student, Rank 3 and up: 4 students)

student rank:
- student ranks are determined by their contrib. pts.
- there are 1-3 place students, and when doing master-student quests their roles will change depending on their ranks.

Master-Student community:
master-student group chat
- once you become a student or master, you can communicate easily using the special group chat for master/students.
- master and student will recieve a title according to their ranks
- if you mouseover a green icon in the group chatbox window, you may view all the participants in the chat.
- Titles:
--- master(Sifu?): master in master-student relationship
--- sahyung: a male that has been student longer than you.
--- sajuo: a female that has been student longer than you.
--- sajae: a male that has been student shorter than you.
--- samae: a female that has been student shorter than you.
--- * if there is only one student, it will only display as "student"

The benefits of Master/student relationship:
master-student Buff:
- upon becoming a student, student recieves a buff.
- depending on the contribution points of a student, a buff of 1st-3rd ranks will be provided
- each rank has 10 cheng, making it possible to get 30 different ranks of buff.
- buff effect will improve upon gaining certain amount of contribution points.
- note: if master is offline, all students lose the buff.

rank1: hp/ve increased, physical/chi-kung dmg increased, gold drop increased
rank2: hp/ve increased, physical/chi-kung dmg increased, gold drop increased, movement speed increased
rank3: hp/ve increased, physical/chi-kung dmg increased, gold drop increased, movement speed increased, physical/chi-kung attack raiting increased.

Kill/Combined points:
- both master and students must be online to activate kill and combined points.
- note: if you log off, both kill and combined points will reset to 0.

kill point:
-- gained upon killing deviant clans (kill mobs)
-- at certain count of kills, you may randomly recieve 2-5x xp from that mob. On the 1000th kill, you will recieve 10x xp from that mob.

combined points:
-- kill points of master and students that are online are accumilated as combined points.
-- upon gaining certain amount of combined points, the blood count gain speed is increased.
-- more combined points will mean faster blood count gain. (max 300%)

Buying the Master items using contribution points:

- master may purchase master only items from master-student manager.
- master items are unique and cannot be seen elsewhere.
- depending on ranks, the available items will increase.

3 npcs will have:
manager: potions, and special quests
clothing vendor: clothing (only in hefei)
weapons vendor: sells weapons and other accessories (only in hefei)
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PostSubject: Re: News for this and next week !   

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News for this and next week !
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