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 OmG Fugen Rox !

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PostSubject: OmG Fugen Rox !   Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:54 am

Heya all. As maybe some of you all know, TheHistorian has stopped his job as game Manager and we have a new one ! But he is very active and this is cool. Here are some of the things he said :

Arrow Rules of Conduct, effective February 22, 2010

Quote :
Acclaim's goal is to create a fun and safe environment to play our games. Violating any of these rules could mean the temporary banning or permanent banning of your account(s) across all of our games and forums.
Please carefully read these rules:

Player's Responsibility
You are fully responsible for all activities conducted through your account and under your Account ID.

We Are One Community
The breaking of these rules in one community or game can effect your accounts on all of Acclaim's communities and games.

Protect Your Passwords
At no time will the employees of Acclaim ever ask for you password.

Players are never allowed to ask someone for their account password and you should never give out your password. Because you may never give out your password, the sharing, purchasing and trading of accounts is expressly forbidden.

Hacked Accounts: We can and will help recover the account, but we will be unable to return lost items and in-game currency. It is your responsibility to keep your password safe.

Advertisement blocking
You cannot use software or make changes to our games to remove the advertisements.

Advertising other sites or services
You cannot use our game chat or forums to advertise non-Acclaim games or services.

Communicating with Acclaim
When communicating with Acclaim, the use of profanity, threats or harassment of any kind can result in the immediate and permenant ban of your accounts. Sending excessive amounts of email to Support or the Petition Team, will slow down the process. If you have sent an email and you received a reply, then we are working on your issue and we will be in touch with you within the time frames we have specified.

Griefing, Scamming, Harassment, Hate and Abuse
You may not harass or threaten other players, nor use any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene (including common swear words), hateful, racially or ethnically offensive expressions or statements. This applies to any language.

Griefing and Abuse can be defined as any repetitive or ongoing activity by a player or group of players specifically done to make the game unplayable or unenjoyable for other players.

Scamming is defined as anyone attempting to gain access to accounts, items or in-game currency in any way, through deception or fraudulent means.

Harassment can be defined as damaging the other players experience voluntarily. Players doing this generally have the sole purpose of "annoying" other players and direct all their efforts to this end.

Hate is considered to be written or spoken language intended to degrade, intimidate, or incite violence or prejudicial action against a person or group of people based on their race, gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, language ability, moral or political views, socioeconomic class, occupation or appearance (such as height, weight, and hair color), mental capacity and any other distinction-liability. You may not organize nor be a member of any guilds or groups within the Acclaim's games that are based on, or espouse, any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-homosexual, or any other philosophy deemed to be hate-mongering.

Anyone caught or reported (with proof) doing any of the above will be immediately chat-banned for 6 hours and given a warning wherever possible. A further offense will result in your account being banned for 3 days. Repeated offenses will result in a permanent ban. This applies to every member of every community. The above activities in one community can effect your accounts on all of Acclaim's communities.

Naming Policy
When selecting a character or guild, you must abide by the following Naming Policy. Names in are encouraged to reflect the genre of the game.

* Your character or guild name must not contain words that are offensive, sexually explicit, vulgar, racist, hateful, obscene, defamatory, or any other language that is offensive in nature (including common swear words, name concerned with the anatomy, and intentional misspellings, anagrams, and homonyms of these words).
* You shall not choose a character name that is specifically designed so that your account becomes hard to contact in-game by Acclaim Games Inc., Partner Companies or other players. This includes creating names containing the same character repeatedly, or use of non-alphanumerical characters. This also includes character names made up of only vowels or consonants or containing characters that could be mistaken for other characters such as using an uppercase "i" in place of a lowercase "L".
* Character and/or Guild/Clan names must not be a name or handle of any Games Inc. employee and/or a name that may mislead other players to believe you to be an employee of Acclaim Games Inc.
* Character names must not be a combination of words that produces an offensive result or violates any of the above rules.
* Character names must not include any registered trademark names.
* Character names must not use misspellings or alternative spellings of names that violate any of the previous rules.Â
* Acclaim Games Inc. reserves the right to ban accounts, at its sole discretion, with names that are deemed vulgar, offensive, otherwise inappropriate, believed to be in violation of these rules or the spirit of the rules.

You may not impersonate any Acclaim employee, including without limitation Corporate Officers and Employees, Corporate Partners, Game Masters and Support Staff.

Asking for player personal details or providing personal details
You cannot ask for, give or provide anyone's personal details (including full real name, phone number, address, age, etc.) Acclaim allows you to post IM and email information in your forum profile for players to see, however, you cannot and should not provide additional information to anyone.

Virtual items and Accounts

You are not permitted to purchase coin items (cash shop items), in-game items, characters, accounts or in-game currency from other players or unauthorized sources out of game.
You are not permitted to sell coin items (cash shop items), , in-game items, characters, accounts or in-game currency to other players or unauthorized sources out of game.

At this time there are no authorized sources available.
Cheats, Bug Exploits and Game Loopholes

You are not allowed to use software or game bugs to cheat in our games. If you find a bug or a game weakness that can be exploited to cheat, you should send a private post to a Game Master, Volunteer Game Master or Forums Moderator.

You are not allowed to modify the game, game memory, or its incoming or outgoing packets in any manner.

You may not manipulate the URLs in our web based games to create an unfair advantage, or to use a feature unavailable in teh normal course of play.
The use of Bots, Key Jamming, Macros and other tools to allow your character to gain levels, skills, etc. without the player physically interacting with the game is strictly forbidden.

Anyone caught or reported (with proof) to be using Cheats, Bug Exploits and Game Loopholes will be immediately banned without prior warning. This, of course, applies to every member of every community.

2Moons Xigncode
In the event the account is banned by Xigncode, the account will be flagged with the designation "Blackcode". This designation will constitute as enough proof for an account ban. Due to the nature of Xigncode, we will not reverse any ban made by Xigncode.

A player needs to reply to GM / VGM / Mod
You should always try to respond a GM /VGM / Mod when in game. If your character is investigated for issues like AFK leveling, exploits, botting and any other rules of conduct issues and you do not respond your account may be banned.

Multiple Acclaim accounts
You can have more than one Acclaim account but you cannot sign into a game more than once at the same time to gain an unfair advantage.

Encouraging other to break our rules

You cannot try to convince other players to break our rules or deceive them in thinking doing so is not breaking a rule.

Misusing our Forums
Warnings and Bans
On the Forums that have the warning and ban system, an account can receive up to 8 warnings (Yellow cards) or 2 bans (Red cards), expired and current combined. In the event of the 9th warning or 3rd ban, the account will be permanently banned from the forums. For the purposes of calculation, 3 warnings will be treated as 1 ban, since the system treats the 3rd warning as a ban. This means that an account with 5 warning and 1 ban, will be permanently banned if they receive a new warning or ban.

Signatures and Signature Images
You may have as many signature images as you wish provided the total sum of all the images' top and left sides do not exceed 500px. Examples below show a 200x200 (200+200=400) image and 400x100 (400+100=500) images. These images must conform to the other rules on this page and may not contain offensive material. Flash based signatures are not allowed.

The text and/or images of the signature should not be presented in way they detracts from the readability forums. Excessively long signatures that force a user to scroll great lengths to continue reading are specifically forbidden.

Avatar Images
Avatar images may not exceed 100px in width and 100px in height.

Due to the vast variety of players that we have, all forum posts are to be kept "Family Friendly".

The text and/or images in the should not be presented in way they detracts from the readability forums.

Threads will be deleted, moved or locked for one of these reasons:

1. Spamming
2. Off topic
3. Warez
4. Flaming
5. Bumping
6. Terribly redundant. (When does the Open Beta Start?, How can I play the Open Beta?, Where is the Download? Release Open Beta already!)
7. Use of l33t speak or txt spk
8. Sexually Oriented, Offensive or Suggestive text, images or topics.
9. Forum "Games" ("Person Above You", etc.)
10. Off topic. (After you have been warned a few times)
11. Illegal files or Activities (hacks, music, warez, CD cracks/codes, or otherwise)
12. Hate speech (including racism, sexism, etc.)
13. Profanity. Offensive, sexually explicit, vulgar, racist, hateful, obscene, defamatory, or any other language that is offensive in nature including common swear words, words concerned with the anatomy and intentional misspellings or obfuscations, anagrams, acronyms and homonyms of these words.
14. Spam or commercial messages. For example: "In before lock" and "+1" is spam and it will get your account banned.
15. Should have been a private message.
16. Posting or linking to Pornography, tasteless images or text.
17. Any kind of Scamming including but not limited to: Posting any website that asks for passwords, fake login pages, or anything that tells you to change your email address. This includes advertising cheats or links to cheat websites, etc.

Any of the above can also get your account banned.

"What about my Freedom of Speech?"
We are not stopping you from starting your own boards out there on the Internet (in fact we encourage it), to say whatever you want, but here the above just won't be tolerated.

Arrow Rules Enforcement by VGMs

Quote :
VGMs have been authorized to use venom in enforcing the ROC.

If VGMs catch you doing something you're not supposed to, like BP SZ killing, swearing, etc. they can and will venom you, in addition to whatever other punishment you may be entitled to.

Yes, that's right -- VGMs can go into BP and venom you for SZ killing with a major penalty. This policy will be enforced across the board, i.e. Blacks/Whites/clan/league -- it doesn't matter what you are. If you are caught doing something wrong, don't complain if you get venomed for it.

And in answer to the complaints I can predict coming -- if you don't want to get venomed/chatbanned/3-day banned/permabanned, don't violate the ROC.

Arrow Harassment Policy Guidelines/FAQ

Quote :
Players are subject to the conditions of the Acclaim Rules of Conduct. If you are not familiar with them, please take the time to read through them

As stated in numerous posts, player abuse or harassment will not be tolerated. It is not acceptable under any circumstances. If someone is harassing/abusing you, do not respond in kind.


This is not an exhaustive list, but examples include insults about a player's sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, weight, etc. Continued griefing and annoyance of players. Abusive language, including language that attempts to get around the chat filter or is an obvious replacement for profanity. Mapchat/roars that include any of these things. Creation of multiple accounts to bother players or to spoof players' account or character names. Multiple comments of this type over a period of hours, days, weeks, etc.


We don't stand for it. While we obviously can't punish every transaction that has ever occurred in the game (some of which the offenders have already received chatbans for), we can take action going forward.

1) If you are shown to be harassing/abusing players, you will receive a warning where possible and a chatban (6 hours)
2) The next offense is a three-day account ban
3) If you continue to harass/abuse players, your account will be banned.


Send in a report, along with screenshots to Make the subject "Abuse."

If you have not received a response in two weeks, you may post a thread on the boards. Call it "Abuse of [Character] on [Server]" -- include your ticket #, the date the abuse occurred, screenshots, and so everyone is clear, what you think the abuse is (without using profanity or obscene language, a summary, e.g. "JoeSchmo called me bad names and used racial slurs against Icelanders" is fine). If you don't wish to include your character name for privacy reasons or you wish to redact/edit screenshots for public viewing, you will need to be able to provide GMs with non-modified screenshots.

Please do not send in old screenshots from months ago; there is often no way to tell if players were already chatbanned or warned.


I can't really comment on what happened before I got here. I can only deal with things moving forward.

But the short answer is -- if we are made aware of harassment/abuse, we will deal with it.


Betty was harassed a lot. By dozens of players that I know of personally (I've seen the screenshots).

The people who harassed her were banned because they continued to violate the anti-harassment policy. They were aware of the policy and that bans would be forthcoming if they continued that behavior. If you ask me, that's foolish. But we must all take responsibility for our actions.

And Betty herself has been chatbanned and warned for her past behavior as well. We're not playing favorites.


Please don't. I get tons of PMs. I'd like to keep that channel free for dealing with crushing emergencies and staff issues.

Arrow Known Scammers

Quote :
This thread will list those who are determined to have scammed other users, along with the penalty. This is to serve as a public notice so that in case scammers are unrepentant, you can avoid dealing with them. And a deterrent to other scammers.

Note -- scamming is an offense that can get your account banned from the game. If you have scammed, you might want to attempt to make reparations for it with those you have wronged before it's too late.

SuperGaGa -Scammed multiple items from users. Currently on 3-day game ban.



Arrow Nickalinks/DarkHermit contest

Quote :
As we mentioned, it was determined that BettyPaige was the rightful winner of the DarkHermit contest. The character NickaLinks committed a minor infraction during the contest; he has agreed to accept his disqualification. Still an amazing leveler, his challenge for the title was not successful.

In the case of Nickalinks we have determined that he repeated a quest he should not have and is therefore disqualified. The Hermit decrees the case closed. No further guilt is implied against Nickalinks and his character has been unbanned.

Arrow Mr. GM, I Have a Problem - Guide/FAQ

Quote :
So you've spotted a GM in-game and you'd like some help. Here's a friendly guide.

GMs Are Busy

We would really like to help you with problems (well, that is if you're polite). But sometimes, we're there for a specific reason -- testing something out, getting rid of spammers, dealing with an emergency. So if we're not responding or not helping you, we're sorry. It's not that we're rude. It's just that there aren't that many of us, there are three servers, and lots of things to do.

The GM Is Helping Folks! How Do I Get Helped?

Ask nicely and wait your turn. There's usually a line of people.

I Was Waiting And The GM Left! What's Up With That?

S/he probably had to go do something. It's not personal.

What Can GMs Help Me With?

A bunch of things, including:

Swapping the gender of your Qilin's Mirror deco
Removing quest items (old pouch, lucky money, earrings) from your bag
Possibly resetting stuck quests
Chat-banning someone we witness harassing or abusing you
Getting rid of spammers
Punishing cheaters/hackers who are online at the moment

What Can't GMs Help Me With?

We can't restore a character you accidentally deleted
We can't change your name if you bought one but lost the transaction ID
We can't transfer your items to another character/server
We can't give you money, weapons, decos, books, etc.

Hey, I Have A Bug! GM!!!!

If you're experiencing bugs, check the boards first, please. There are several known bugs -- CB from H12-PS1, EC PQ not working, WT party not working, tomes/books not appearing in the right bases, guards not appearing in BP SZ, etc. They're bugs because we can't fix them! And we can't level you to PS1 or give you a book. Sorry. You'll have to wait for a patch.

And just so you're aware, we don't fix bugs. We're not the developer. Indy21 is. And they're probably working on the bug already!

When Is Tibet Coming? When Will PVP Balance Be Restored? When Will...?

Either we don't know or we can't tell you. We're not sitting on a server full of content, holding it back from you guys. We want you to have Tibet. We want you to have advanced clans. These are things we're working on. And when they're ready, we will let you know.

Why Did You Chatban Me? Why Did You Venom Me? Why Didn't You Venom/Chatban So-And-So?

We don't like to venom our players or give them chatbans or 3-day bans or permabans (well, maybe sometimes if a player is being particularly horrible). We run a game that is played by people of all ages. So it's family-friendly. We try our best to keep it that way. Players are obliged to follow and subject to the Acclaim Rules of Conduct. That means that if you're doing something bad (swearing, being abusive, glitching, scamming, etc.) we can take action. While we can't be everywhere all the time, if we happen to see you doing something wrong, we'll probably punish you for it (I know I will). So if you want to grief, harass, glitch, hack, or anything else you're not supposed to, that, as they say -- is on you. But if you get caught for it, don't complain that you got punished.

The majority of our players are good people who are friendly and polite. When I play(ed) my alts, I would often party with people who would help me out, buff me, help me run through quests, give me advice. And I've come across a lot of those people as a GM.

But there are some people who like to be abusive, to harass players, and that can result in a negative experience for a lot of folks who are just trying to have a good time. And we try to put a stop to it where we can.

I'm A Paying/Item Mall Customer! I Deserve Priority Treatment!

You already receive it by being able to access support email for things other than harassment/abuse and scamming. If you catch us in-game, you'll have to wait in line like everybody else.

Should I Thank You For Helping Me?

It's not necessary, but it is nice.

Arrow Gifting Guide

I think that now we have a good team. I like the work of Fugen / Hermit rox / Ravenclaw FTW and Nevermore is awesome ! hehe. I hope it will continu like that !


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OmG Fugen Rox !
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