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 Another good warda event !

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PostSubject: Another good warda event !   Sun Feb 28, 2010 3:49 pm

Heya all today Warda has started another good event, one of them as i like, story event Smile

warda wrote:

This event will work as a quest; we will have certain clues and one question or one task. Our duty is to solve the mystery hidden in the clues to answer the question or to complete the task.

The event will have 12 steps, to solve the mystery into each step you will need to look for the answer into the Game Guides (only Official Guides), the Talk Dialog of NPCs, the Game or Clans’ Storyline, etc.
Each step will be opened by posting it in a separated Thread in Event Section, adding here the link to this step and it will be closed by locking the related Thread and adding here the indication that this step is closed.
The time that each step will keep opened depends on each step.
Once all the steps are completed we will post here all the steps, the solution and how to find them, we will add the name of the users that have solved each step.

  • Any Forum user can participate.
  • You can get any help and can use any character.
  • Each Step only allows 1 answer for each Forum user.
    If a user posts more than 1 answer in one Step, only the first one will be considered being all others answers for this Step disqualified.
  • Any edited post will be considered as a failed answer.
    If a user posts more than 1 answer in one Step and edit the first one, this first one will count as failed, all others answers for this step will be disqualified.


The players who completed all the steps:
    - Male characters: Wan Daye’s Violet Silk Jacket and Pant
    - Female Characters: Wan Daye’s Red Jade Silk Jacket and Pant

The players who completed 11steps:
    - Male characters: Wan Daye’s Dragon-embroidered Jacket and Pant
    - Female Characters: Wan Daye’s Lotus Jacket and Pant

The players who completed 10 steps:
    - Male characters: Wan Daye’s Si Chuan Jacket and Pant
    - Female Characters: Wan Daye’s Nanjing Jacket and Pant

[b]NOTE[/b] wrote:
The First Step will be posted in few days, please, keep an eye in this announcement to don’t miss this event.

Enjoy and good luck all !


The Blood Feather
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Another good warda event !
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