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 Event for Vagabond !!!

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PostSubject: Event for Vagabond !!!   Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:09 pm

Muhahaha i am lucky i creat a Vagabond and they will do an event soon for them O_O
(I am only GB8 for the moment but i hope EC this weekend Razz)

The Vagabond Event Is Coming - Starts 4/23/10

[GM] Fugen wrote:
Vagabonds don't get much love. You don't have clan skills or bonuses, life is hard, and there's always a nuker waiting around the corner to kick your butt.

But don't fret. The big Vagabond event is coming. April 23rd it will begin. We have lots of good stuff planned, which we'll announce closer to the date.

What you need to know now is:

You'll need to be a Vagabond and EC4 to participate. That's how we will know you have truly lived as a Vagabond and that you appreciate the Vagabond way.

And the reward involves special skills.


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Event for Vagabond !!!
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