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 Asura Compensation/General XP Event(Also for Bardo)

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PostSubject: Asura Compensation/General XP Event(Also for Bardo)   Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:07 pm

[GM] Fugen wrote:
For the small (and hopefully last) rollback on Asura last week, we are offering 5 hours of 2XP on Saturday.

We're also going to give the same to Nirvana and Bardo as a general Spring event.

This is in addition to normal weekend XP, where applicable.

Saturday, 6/12/10
Bardo - 4pm - 9pm GMT
Asura/Nirvana - 12pm - 5pm PST

EDIT: Fixed the date...

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Asura Compensation/General XP Event(Also for Bardo)
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